Grace Jong Eun Lee

President of Grace Music College

Grace Jong Eun Lee

Grace Jong Eun Lee is a composer and performer dedicated to interculturalism. She received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music from the University of British Columbia(Piano and Composition). She also received the diploma from the Korean Traditional Arts School in South Korea (Korean Music and Kayagum). She is the first Canadian Asian Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre.She received the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Award (Best Cultural Music Award,President Myung Buk Lee ) from South Korea in 2008. She also received the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Diamond Medal (Arts & Culture) in 2013.

Her compositions have been performed at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Canadian Society of Asian Arts, Festival Vancouver, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, Socan, CBC, the Vanouver Symphony Orchetra and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a Canadian Composer representative, her piece was chosen in the International Festival of Women in Music Today 2003 in Seoul, Korea. CBC Radio (2005), Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra(2005),Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (2006), Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York(2007), New York Philharmonic Orchetra (2008), Carnegie Hall in New York (2008), Saturday Serenades (A Co-Presentation of the Cathedral Guild for the Arts ) (2009), SBS Korean Main broadcast (Live show 2010), St Martin in Field London(2010),New York The Korea Society (Korean Music Lecture and Performances in U.S. University 2006-2010) CTV Multicultural Chanel seven(2011),The Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Diamond Medal (Arts & Culture)(2013)

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (2014).

Her compositions reflect a combination of Korean,Chinese and Western instruments. She is strongly influenced by the sounds of nature and often uses them in her works to convey the East Asian sense of space and emptiness. Her interest in playing both traditional and contemporary music and composing for the Kayagum Blossomed in Canada.

Enchanted Music of Grace Jong Eun Lee

Chief Director

Doyeol Kim

Chief Director of Grace Music College

Duyeol Kim

  • Korean Society of Vancouver (General Manager, Vice President )
  • The Korea Times (Director)
  • Canada Cultural Exchange Entertainment  (President )
  • Korea – Canada Foundation  (Director)
  • The National Unification Advisory Council Republic of Korea (Executive Director / Coordinator since 2005)
  • Kyonggi Unversity in South Korea (received B.A. In 1985)
  • Korean Recreation Society (Non-Profit Society) Director in 1990